The German-EU Grows Restless Over Mideast Crisis

The EU is itchin' for a fight, frustrated, getting too big for its britches, and feels the growing need for some piece of the global action and fast.Michael Shtender-Auerbach offers a convincing argument in the EUOBSERVER that NATO is dead, the UN is ineffective, and categorically states Europe must rise to the occasion and exert world leadership in the Middle

Daniel Sieberg Daniel Sieberg

Getting Ready To Travel To Ukraine To Adopt

Get ready for your trip to Ukraine to adopt! Lots to plan and prepare to make your trip less stressful and your stay more comfortable: • Go online and familiarize yourself with Ukrainian currency. The look of the different denominations and exchange rate. (Currently $1 USD is about 8 Ukrainian Hryvnia) Practice converting prices to dollars. • Make a list

Daniel Sieberg Daniel Sieberg

The Top 10 Inspirational Songs

Any list of this sort has to be personal, and so what I am offering is a list of songs, some of which you may readily recall, some of which may just be on the edge of your recollection... but songs that have a lyric which will promoted reflection and possibly inspire action.Of course it would be easy to go

Daniel Sieberg Daniel Sieberg
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